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Name chromeias 
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Biographie What you'll learn
1. Right Interpretation of the Questions – one of the biggest challenges in mains examination is that, students are prone to make mistakes in writing what they know which touch upon superficially the exact demand of the question. Over the years Chrome IAS GS test series has proved to match the level of UPSC – so when you write our tests one thing you learn is interpreting the questions correctly.

2. Joining GS Mains Test Series acts as a ‘priming factor’, i.e. it acts as a preparatory ground for the final event. Thus when you write full length tests – with every test you learn new things about yourself.

3. Our GS Mains Test Series is designed in a manner to cover almost all relevant areas of GS Mains Syllabus which are set according to the recent trends of UPSC. This helps you learn and revisit the important areas of General Studies.

4. More importantly, what students learn most by joining the GS test series are writing skills , presentational skills , structuring skills, organisational skills and last but not the least analytical skills.

5. The most crucial aspect of the GS test series is the Feedback Mechanism. We believe that feedback mechanism should be such that to put across the true picture of the candidate in front of her/him. The right feedback loop helps students learn where he lacks and where his strength lies.

6. If you do the program honestly – you learn to be confident and competent. This can be a reality only if a student commits herself to the preparation and does it dedicatedly. You learn self-efficacy, which is an important factor in your success. 
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