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Biographie Natural Gas Vehicles are powered by natural gas. The methane content of natural gas is more than 90%, and it is a good fuel for automobile engines. The advantages of natural gas vehicles include stable combustion and reduced engine fuel consumption.

The new type of promotion and application are vehicles that can burn compressed natural gas or gasoline compressed natural gas-gasoline dual-fuel vehicles, referred to as CNG vehicles, and will vigorously promote the application of single-fuel natural gas vehicles in the future. The pressure of compressed natural gas for vehicles is generally around 20MPa. The natural gas can be obtained by multi-stage pressing after dehydration, desulfurization and purification. Its state of use is gas.

The natural gas burns stably without knocking, and it is easy to start hot or cold. Compressed natural gas storage and transportation, decompression, and combustion are all carried out in a strictly sealed state, which is not easy to leak. In addition, its gas storage cylinder has undergone various special destructive tests, and is safe and reliable. Compressed natural gas is safe to burn, has less carbon deposits, and reduces air resistance and knocking, which is beneficial to prolong the service life of engine components, reduce maintenance times, and greatly reduce maintenance costs. Compared with gasoline, the use of compressed natural gas can greatly reduce the emissions of carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, etc. And there are no carcinogenic and toxic substances such as benzene and lead that endanger human health.

Another vehicle with environmental friendly energy is electric car. Electric vehicles (BEV) refers to a vehicle that are powered by on-board power supply and driven by a motor, and meets the requirements of road traffic and safety regulations. Due to its smaller impact on the environment than traditional cars, its prospects are widely optimistic, but the current technology is not yet mature. However, it is essential to use a electric car charger or fast charger for electric cars to ensure enough power for your car.

1. Environmental protection: Electric vehicles use power battery packs and motors to drive power. It does not generate exhaust gas when it works, and does not discharge exhaust pollution, which is very beneficial to environmental protection and air cleanliness. It can be said that it is almost "zero pollution".

2. Low noise: Electric vehicles do not emit noise like transmission vehicles, and the noise it produces is almost negligible.

3. Economy: The cost of electric vehicles is low, only about one-fifth of gasoline vehicles. Moreover, the energy conversion efficiency is high, and at the same time, the energy during braking and downhill can be recovered, and the utilization efficiency of energy is improved. At night, the cheap "valley electricity" of the power grid is used for charging, which plays a role in stabilizing the peak-to-valley difference of the power grid.

4. Easy to maintain: Electric vehicles are driven by electric motors and batteries, and do not require tedious maintenance items for traditional engines, such as oil replacement, filter elements, belts, etc. Electric vehicles only need to regularly check components such as the motor battery.

Besides, there are many other transportation using electric as power, such as Boats and Electric Aircraft, Electric Passenger Ship, Avion Electrico, Van Electric, etc. 
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